Why not enjoy sweets this festive season

Traditional Indian Sweets also known as desi sweets have many health benefits. If you make slight changes to the recipe, you can reduce the calorie count too. For this festive season let us explore options as to which can be indulged and enjoyed.

Coconut ladoo

Normally in sweet shops we see the white version which has grated coconut and sugar. Instead of that you can try the Andhra version where sugar is replaced by jaggery and called Kobbari Louz. Preparation time is 30 mins and it can easily stay fresh for a few days. 

Coconut ladoo prepared with jaggery instead of sugar is healthy, gives a better aroma and comes with the health benefits of coconut. It can be easily prepared at home within 30 mins. You can also prepare coconut barfi using the same idea.

Peanut Chikki

This sweet is made of peanuts, jaggery and ghee. Peanuts are rich in minerals, nutrients, vitamins and help digestion. Use desi ghee for added benefits.

Badam Halwa

This universal dessert is prepared with almonds, milk, ghee and sugar. Almond or badam is the main ingredient, rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E. Remember to soak the almonds overnight and peel off their skin before preparation. 

Milk Peda

Main ingredients of this sweet are milk and jaggery. Calcium is provided by milk which is good for your bones, while jaggery itself has multiple health benefits.

Besan Ladoo

You can easily make this popular sweet at your home with a healthy touch. It mainly consists of besan, ghee and sugar. You can prepare the ghee at home and use a sprinkling of sugar. That makes Besan Ladoo one of the most healthy among all sweets.

Dates and Nuts ladoo

This exotic sweet is highly presentable and picture friendly. Dry fruits are loaded with health benefits while dates provide the perfect complementing taste. 

Ukadiche Modak

There is no other sweet in India which can be comparable to Ukadiche Modak as far as healthy options go. This one has rice, jaggery and coconut and is steamed. The taste is something to die for. Did we mention that it is offered to Lord Ganesha.

India has a rich history of culinary delights. Sweets form an important part of festivities. Urban lifestyle makes us conscious about what we eat. Rather than putting a restriction on that we can tweak the recipe here and there. That way we can enjoy and remain healthy at the same time.

Note – This content was written for a client as part of captions for social media posts.

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