What to avoid eating with the alternatives

Refined oilAny cold pressed oil like virgin coconut oil or mustard oil for produce grown within 200 kms of your place of stay
Regular Ghee, fake ghee, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, vanaspati and so on Desi Ghee from the milk of a grass fed cow
Table sugarAvoid any kind of sugar. If you still need it, try stevia or any other artificial sugar in limited quantity
Corn, Potato and soyGreens and cruciferous vegetables
Desserts, sweets, bakery50% to 90% dark chocolate
Processed Foods, Street Foods, Fast FoodsFreshly cooked local produce
Alcohol & carbonated drinksLime juice without sugar
Packed fruit juicesNo alternative
Do not consume any kind of fruit juice
Tea and CoffeeGreen tea or Black coffee with butter and without milk or sugar
MilkCheese, Butter, Curd, Yogurt, Hung curd

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