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Best protein foods with the highest absorption rate – Amino acids and muscle building

Proteins play a critical role in our body. They are used to muscle and tissue repair and rebuilding. Throughout the day your muscles undergo minor damages and tears. If you are lifting weights in the gym, your muscles suffer even more stress and damage. But not just all proteins are able to participate in the rebuilding process because there are required in the form of combinations.

Understanding amino acids

The food which we eat is primarily of three types, carbs, proteins and fats. Carbs are digested and broken down into glucose and fats are broken down into lipoproteins. Proteins break down into amino acids. This breaking down happens in the liver. After that these amino acids rebuild again into structures like genes, blood, tissue, muscles, neurotransmitters, hormones, skin, hair, organs, enzymes, etc. The building block of all body tissue is protein.

Proteins are classified into simple and complex. But what is more important that amino acids too are classified into essential and non essential. Amino acids which cannot be made by the body are known as essential amino acids and the only way to get it is from food. Non essential amino acids are made by the body. Amino acids can combine in different combinations, about 50,000 of them. Foods which give the complete amino acid profile are the best to consume to get complete benefits of proteins.


Eggs are on top of the list because they provide complete amino acid profile. Eggs are a source of high quality protein. Four eggs a day should be the thumb rule.

If you are able to get hold of eggs provided by farm raised chicken, just go for it. They contain the best of nutrients taken directly from the ground. Chicken eat stones too which they digest in their stomach for the egg shell. Normal white eggs should also be ok as alternative. Commercially raised chicken are fed with mostly grains and they are lay eggs in a stressed environment.

Boiled eggs have the highest protein absorption rate, close to 90%. Raw eggs have 50% absorption rate.

Red meat and poultry

The next important food item on your list should be red meats like goat or pork. Chicken is easy to digest. In case of red meat, you can prepare small pieces which can be chewed longer for easy digestion. Use more of tender meats if digestion is difficult. Cooking is also important for easy digestion. Make sure meats have been cooked properly to the full.

Red Meat has upto 80% absorption rate.

The first two items on the list are non vegetarians. That is bad news for those who do not want to eat non veg food. However the next options do come to your rescue.

Greek Yoghurt

Not only greek yoghurt is high in protein it is rich in casein protein which is derived from milk. Yogurt contains the complete amino acid profile. Plus casein digests slowest among all the proteins. It helps you to feel full between two meals.

Pista or Pistachios

Among all the dry fruits, Pista contains lowest calorie compared to almonds and other nuts. Pista also contains the highest quantity of proteins. Pista is also packed with nutrients like manganese, copper, phosphorous and so on.

Chia seeds

They have complete amino acids profile. High in Omega 3 fatty acids, chia seeds are a good example of filling foods.

Pumpkin seeds

These simple seeds are super high in zinc and magnesium. These also have a complete amino acid profile. Half of the fat content is Omega -3 which is again good for health. Magnesium also takes care of blood glucose. It improves the insulin sensitivity.


Protein is very important for muscle and tissue building. It affects the body as a whole. All the foods mentioned in this article should form a part of your daily diet since they are super foods too in their own right.

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