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The correct way of consuming lemons

The biggest mistake we all make is while consuming lemons. Most people intake lemon in the form of lemonade or lemon juice. It contains sugar, salt, lemon and ice. Lemon is definitely good for health, but only if it is taken in the right way.

Why lemons

  • Lemon is not acidic. As soon as it enters the body it turns into alkaline.
  • Lemon helps flush out uric acid from the body.
  • Lemon water dissolves the fat in liver and helps cure fatty liver condition.
  • It aids in digestion and works as a great combo with apple cider vinegar.
  • Two lemons a day gives you sufficient Vitamin C.

You also need to know that bottled lemon juice is treated with chemicals and processed in such a way that the vitamin content is almost destroyed. So do have fresh lemons everyday.

Consuming lemons

If mixed with water and sugar, your body will absorb the sugar from the lemonade and leave the lemon part aside. It will leave as waste without getting into your body. So have plain lemon juice, freshly extracted with a pinch of salt.

Best time to have lemon water is immediately after dinner since it is known to aid digestion.

Importance of Vitamin C

During the COVID pandemic people realised that it is Vitamin C that helps boost immunity. Deficiency of Vitamin C will lead to lower immunity, bleeding gums, fatigue and so on. Vitamin C helps prevent micro haemorrhaging of arteries. During normal wear and tear, the walls of the arteries develop a slight tear. To heal or fill up the tear, cholesterol and calcium deposits in the tear. This leads to clogging of arteries. Intake of Vitamin C helps strengthen the artery walls and reduce the risk of these tears.

Lemon is an important aid in increasing insulin sensitivity. As we keep emphasising on the fact that insulin resistance is the root cause of all lifestyle ailments, lemon now becomes part of your life.

Other points to keep in mind while consuming lemons

  • Some people put a whole lemon in a blender and drink the mix. That is also a good idea to benefit from the nutrients in the peel and seeds.
  • Pre-mixed lemon juice packs or powders are a strict NO. They have tons of sugars and artificial carbs to mess you up for the day.
  • Fresh lemon bought from the market is the best choice. If you are to get your hands on organically grown lemons, that is the best choice.

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