insulin resistance reasons

What causes insulin resistance?

This short article will mainly focus on the reasons for insulin resistance. For a detailed article to understand what is insulin resistance click here.

  • Belly fat announces the beginning of non-alcoholic fatty liver condition. Belly fat slowly develops to visceral fat which accumulates at the waist, hips and underarms or wherever your body type is able to.
  • High carbohydrates and high sugar consumption release glucose in your blood stream. This glucose is taken care by insulin. If insulin is unable to unlock the cell walls, glucose does not reach inside the cells and goes back to the liver. Finally the liver has no choice but to store it as visceral fat in your body.
  • Highly stressful situations or events also cause insulin resistance. Recent divorce or trauma caused by external forces eventually end up with weight gain and carb craving.
  • Family history of insulin resistance is hereditary. If there is a problem in your jeans, insulin resistance is more likely.
  • Smoking causes a spike in insulin. Any excess amount of insulin secretion will eventually lead to insulin resistance.
  • Alcohol is processed by the liver and sometimes it takes days for liver to flush it out of the system. A less effectively functioning liver means that insulin resistance will set in one day or the other.
  • Lack of physical exercise. If your blood glucose is used by cells for energy you might still be able to keep things under control. But for that you need to exercise. Glucose is the fuel for the body.

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